Festival Mondial de Musique des Femmes d'Ici et d'Ailleurs 

13th Edition - July 1st and 2nd, 2023


This thirteenth edition of the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE MUSIQUE DES FEMMES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS (FMMF) is produced by Charly Maïwan, producer and organizer of world music tours around the world and founding president of Maïwan Productions and the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE MUSIQUE DES FEMMES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS (FMMF).

The mission of the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE MUSIQUE DES FEMMES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS (FMMF) is to create a vehicle for the transmission of women's cultures from all over the world in their own way of music inherent to each country. The festival wants to create a synergy for all and highlight the talents of women, their values, their traditions and their know-how.

Having created and participated in several international festivals, Maïwan Productions wanted this festival to start here in Quebec in Montreal and become a recurring event.


This festival came from the idea of Mr. Moaku Matia Maiwa (Charly Maiwan) to produce, with the help of generous sponsors, a women's festival and to introduce the types of world music that these women bring to their own countries.

The magic of diverse cultures combined with a boundless event will bring the important synergy of cultures to the public of all ages.

The producer of this event wants the inter-culturalism to be the most important message of this festival for all. In every culture, there is an abundance of richness that is often overlooked by many of us.

The talents of professional artists from all over the world will bring to all Quebecers an opening of world horizon.


To successfully organize a three-day festival allowing the visibility of several international female artists from here and elsewhere and to ensure a weekend that the public will never forget. This festival is a journey through the world accompanied by women with warm and unforgettable charisma.


To obtain an important visibility of the culture of the world different to each of the artists and to ensure an awareness near the public and to obtain an important financial fallout for all and for the sector where the said festival will occur.

For this edition, the organizers hope to attract an impressive capacity of public and of all ages so that the following years will be more and more in demand.

The organizers are winners in their know-how of planning such festivals so you too will be winners in supporting us in this event.


Our festival is a non-profit organization. We ask everyone to support this event. With your help our festival will grow from year to year and bring you an event that will fill your knowledge about the Music of all countries and the artists that represent it.

By donating to the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE MUSIQUE DES FEMMES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS you will be supporting local tourism and culture in your region. Jobs will be created and beyond the creation of jobs, the entire Montreal region will benefit from the tourism that will be present at this festival. Restaurants, hotels, crafts, etc.

To make a donation, click on the following link :
Thank you on behalf of the organization.   http://gf.me/u/yttp58


Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 and more upon request.